Marin Headlands & The Weepies


The Weepies Happiness Album Review

It’s almost Christmas time! Where did the year go? Oh I know– to tiring school days filled with papers, exams, and group projects. But because of this blog, I have been able to get the most out of my semester and to see the Bay Area’s nature that it has to offer me.

This weekend, I popped on my favorite Christmas album/band–The Weepies. They do not exactly have a whole album dedicated to Christmas, but all their music sounds very Christmas themed. Especially the song: All That I Want.

I took a short trip out to Marin Headlands after I was off work that morning. I work in the city at a Radio Station called Live 105 about every other week and I absolutely love it. It takes me to great lengths to visit many places in the Bay Area and I get wonderful opportunities to meet awesome people and artists and musicians who make great music.

I love Marin Headlands. It is almost always foggy and the crisp hair just makes you feel so at ease and refreshed from the business of the Bay Area. It is also refreshing to see tourists there because it’s a great reminder of how lucky I am to live so close to places that people travel the globe to visit. I am so fortunate. So thanks, tourists, you make  me feel happy (sometimes.)




Guatemala & Foals


Foals’ What Went Down Album Review

When I look back on last summer, I think of my trip to Guatemala that changed me for the better. I grew up, grew perspective, and learned how to work with people who you may not get along with. I studied abroad with 11 other people including myself in a third world country and tensions were high. We were all uncomfortable by the changes and the sights we experienced, but overall I did not let negativity get to me. I learned to be positive when traveling and experience other environments because nature is entirely different everywhere you go.

First off, American Airlines lost my bags. Thanks. The worst part of all that mess was my luggage didn’t come for 4 days. Double thanks. But, through the mayhem, I stayed positive. What else could possible happen that is worse than losing your bag? The worst happened and suddenly all my fears passed away. You start to realize that when the worst actually happens, you can take just about anything that comes next.

I love traveling and I love nature. But most of the people who I was with did not enjoy the trip. I’ll never let this get to me and my positivity that I had for the trip. Guatemala was truly breathtaking and Spanish is seriously a beautiful language. I have been speaking Spanish since I was in kindergarten up until my junior year in high school. I was able to communicate with ease and understood everything I saw. Maybe that’s why this trip wasn’t uncomfortable for me because when you go to a country not knowing the language it can be quite intimidating.

Before the whole trip began, I flew in by myself on multiple connecting flights which one actually got delayed for about 3 hours. On the last plane landing into Guatemala City, a pit in my stomach began to form. I was scared of the unknown. I didn’t know a single soul there besides my professor who was planning to pick me up from the airport.

I did not save any music on my phone besides a Discovery Weekly playlist which Spotify automatically changes every week. The only band that was familiar to me when I was landing was Foals. I am not much of a fan of Foals but their song, Mountain at my Gates practically saved me from a full-blown anxiety attack. The beginning of this song leads to a huge chorus that immediately changed my mood for the better. I was able to calm down and focus on the music. I thank you, Foals. You made my trip from the very beginning a lot more positive than I could ever do by myself.

Did I mention while we were landing we were surrounded by lightning? So yeah, that could also be why I almost got swallowed whole by my anxiety!



Veggielution // First Saturday’s

This semester, I decided to intern somewhere very close to where I live that is also a non-profit — Veggielution. Since my sophomore year in college, I have always wanted to intern at Veggielution because I believed in what they stood for. They want to provide whole food, non GMO, organic product to those living in low income areas of San Jose. Veggielution also offers many other programs such as La Cocina where families get together to make a meal at the farm, Eastside Explorers where students from nearby elementary schools take a visit to the farm to learn about vegetation; something that these students who live in low-income housing may never get to learn and experience. Another program Veggielution plans is First Saturday’s. First Saturday’s the first Saturday of each month where the East San Jose community gets together to to programs like Yoga on the Farm, La Cocina or volunteering out on the fields harvesting for food boxes.

I love interning here because it helps me escape into nature in this busy, huge city. I get to experience nature every week in a community that loves getting together and love what the Earth has to offer us through vegetation.

Anyone is more than welcome to volunteer on any day of the week and it’s honestly so much fun. You don’t have to come on a First Saturday to volunteer, we appreciate all the help we can get!

My official position at Veggielution is a Social Media Intern, but I feel like I do so much more. I get to hang out with awesome kids every week who are so curious about the world works and I get to experience our vegetable growing from small, tiny seeds into mature plants offering us a bountiful harvest.


Projects I Made Throughout the Semester.

This was a very, very busy semester. With keeping on this blog, another blog in another class, PR strategies, Social Media Strategies, and a semester-long group project, I am extremely proud with the projects I can add to my writing portfolio when I become a PR professional in my future. This class gave me huge opportunities to show off my skills as a designer as well. I’d like to showcase these on this section of my blog because I am extremely proud of everything I created this semester.




San Francisco Botanical Gardens and Gregory Alan Isakov


Gregory Alan Iskov’s The Empty Northern Hemisphere Album Review

Today, I went on a day-date with my boyfriend to the San Francisco Botanical Gardens located in Golden Gate Park. I have never been before so I couldn’t wait to go inside. Pro Tip: bring your student ID for a student discount.

The botanical garden is truly breathtaking. Not only is Golden Gate Park a perfect escape to nature in the middle of a busy, busy city, but within the Botanical Gardens lie even more nature. You are surrounded by a tropical green climate that sings to you with beauty.

I loved it so much that I am jealous of the people who get to work there everyday. I have always had a weird interest in plants of all kinds, even though I sadly do not posses a green thumb. I have killed many plants and I am surprised I have a couple that are still alive.

On the way there we listened to Gregory Alan Isakov — one of my all time favorite artists. He possesses so much nature within his soul it is hard to not notice. I had the privilege to watch him front row at a recent concert of his. It was assigned seating and I was dead center and was able to see first hand the passion he has for he music he creates. I plan to see him again as soon as possible because his show was truly incredible.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset


Lover’s Lane & Geographer


Lover’s Lane – More Information

Lover’s Lane, what a beauty.  I have been here once before and it was seriously cool to say the least. Lover’s Lane was constructed by an artist, Andy Goldsworthy. It is located in the Presidio, which is heavily known for its military grounds and social history. But in the middle of the structured style of the houses in the Presidio, lays this charming art instillation.

Lover’s Lane is a row of multiple logs that are attached to each other while winding back and forth creating a looped looking trail.

When I was there, there are TWO couples taking wedding photos, how beautiful. This sight is very romantic and I loved how many couples strolled by with their dogs are kids in strollers just taking a walk on this brisk morning.

On the way there, I listened to Geographer. I will be honest, I forget about Geographer a lot even though his music is phenomenal. I decided I wanted to look further into his music today by listening to Animal Shapes, a classic Indie album of our generation. My favorite song on the album is Kites, which provides a beautiful melody of his voice with electronic beats that doesn’t overpower the gracefulness of this song.



Patrick’s Road and Whitney


Whitney’s Light Upon the Lake Album Review

Oh, Patrick’s Road. What memories I made here in High School. This year I visited Napa a lot more than usual because I know around this time next year I will be very busy trying to find a full time job and wont have time for myself as much as I do now.

Patrick’s Road was where I had my first kiss, my first great summer days, and much more. From tire swings to watering holes, Partrick’s Road speaks youth to me.

I decided to take a walk by myself around the area just to see what has changed. Many people walk their dogs around here so I wasn’t completely alone.

I put in some earplugs, played Whitney, and descended on my walk. I passed a couple walking their golden retriever, a couple of teenagers obviously walking down from a smoke sesh.

Whitney was very pleasant to listen to on this walk. They’re funky, but not too loud. I discovered them recently a couple weeks before I saw them live at Outside Lands and they were incredible. I see Whitney going further in to the music industry because their music is very memorable and charming.


Napa & The Maccabees


The Maccabees’ Colour It In Album Review

The next day after visiting the lion at Nicholson Ranch Winery, I went with a friend to go wine tasting at Stags Leap Wine Cellars. This is my absolute favorite winery because their Cabs are amazing. I simply cannot explain that better. They are like heaven on your lips.

Stags Leap is also one of my favorite wineries because their tasting room plays in nature with high ceilings, wood furnishings and a huge window looking out at their vineyards. Truly beautiful. Especially around the fall season, there’s nothing more beautiful than the changing color vineyards off in the distant. This is one sight that I miss about living in Napa. Now that I live in San Jose, it is a special treat for me to come and visit and see the beautiful leaves change colors on the vines.

On the way there, I listened to The Maccabees’ Toothpaste Kisses. This song reminds me of old school jazz with a touch of guitar. I love this song because it makes me feel at ease and peaceful. The Maccabees went perfectly with today’s festivities of visiting on the most natural wineries in Napa.


Nicholson Ranch Winery & How to Dress Well


How to Dress Well’s Care Album Review

Today, I left for Thanksgiving break in my hometown area, Napa. My mom moved to Santa Rosa while I was in college and it’s been really hard to see my friends in Napa ever since. I have to crash at my friend’s place whenever I come to visit because Napa is far from Santa Rosa, about 1 hour or so.

But today, that didn’t stop me. I came back to Napa to visit my friend, Max. I don’t talk to him much so coming to visit him was great. We used to do so many random friends when we were young. Our most favorite day trip we made was visiting this huge replica of a Lion behind Jack Nicholson’s winery, Nicholson Ranch Winery. Before we were legally allowed to drink , we used to trespass to see this lion while tourists would pretty much watch us from afar of us climbing all over this lion sculpture.

Today, we did just that. We set out for a small little journey just over the valley to pay a visit to our good friend the lion. We put on How to Dress Well’s newest album. I was lucky enough to see him play at Treasure Island Music Festival and he was awesome. Very eclectic sound and unique lights in the background. My favorite song his album is Can’t You Tell. He has a beautiful voice and I love artists who don’t try and warp the sound of their voice when it comes to electronic music. I think electronic music can be beautiful but I wish more artists would leave their voices raw in their songs.

Overall, it was a great day. We did not get in trouble for trespassing so it was a job well done! We caught up from our long hiatus of seeing each other, grabbed some lunch at a local diner close by and was able to have a drink inside the winery this time.


The Outer Sunset & Ben Howard


Ben Howard’s Every Kingdom Album Review

Today, I took a solo trip to one of my favorite places in San Francisco – The Outer Sunset. Why is this my favorite place? Because it is peaceful, empty, somewhat solemn. Around Judah St is some of my favorite shops like the General Store, Trouble Coffee Co, and Outerlands. All these places are completely packed on the weekend so don’t get me wrong, I go at the right times. The beauty of college is you get time during the day where you can adventure to wherever you want to go.. where as when you have a 9 to 5 job, this is not the case.

The General Store is one of my favorite places in the entire city because behind their shop, there is an area that has the most beautiful lighting that’ll glow on your skin even in the coldest, foggiest times of the day. In the back there is also a green house filled to the brim with beautiful plants. This is truly the escape the city needs from time to time. Where you can step out into a beautiful garden area and remind yourself that nature is all around you.

On my way there, I listened to one of my favorite artists of all time – Ben Howard. I saw him at Outside Lands a couple years back and at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. Both times were superb and can’t wait to see him again. Ben Howard’s Old Pine is actually one of my favorite songs of all time. But as I search for the perfect song, this is the closest I have ever gotten to perfection.