Marin Headlands & The Weepies


The Weepies Happiness Album Review

It’s almost Christmas time! Where did the year go? Oh I know– to tiring school days filled with papers, exams, and group projects. But because of this blog, I have been able to get the most out of my semester and to see the Bay Area’s nature that it has to offer me.

This weekend, I popped on my favorite Christmas album/band–The Weepies. They do not exactly have a whole album dedicated to Christmas, but all their music sounds very Christmas themed. Especially the song: All That I Want.

I took a short trip out to Marin Headlands after I was off work that morning. I work in the city at a Radio Station called Live 105 about every other week and I absolutely love it. It takes me to great lengths to visit many places in the Bay Area and I get wonderful opportunities to meet awesome people and artists and musicians who make great music.

I love Marin Headlands. It is almost always foggy and the crisp hair just makes you feel so at ease and refreshed from the business of the Bay Area. It is also refreshing to see tourists there because it’s a great reminder of how lucky I am to live so close to places that people travel the globe to visit. I am so fortunate. So thanks, tourists, you make  me feel happy (sometimes.)




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