Veggielution // First Saturday’s

This semester, I decided to intern somewhere very close to where I live that is also a non-profit — Veggielution. Since my sophomore year in college, I have always wanted to intern at Veggielution because I believed in what they stood for. They want to provide whole food, non GMO, organic product to those living in low income areas of San Jose. Veggielution also offers many other programs such as La Cocina where families get together to make a meal at the farm, Eastside Explorers where students from nearby elementary schools take a visit to the farm to learn about vegetation; something that these students who live in low-income housing may never get to learn and experience. Another program Veggielution plans is First Saturday’s. First Saturday’s the first Saturday of each month where the East San Jose community gets together to to programs like Yoga on the Farm, La Cocina or volunteering out on the fields harvesting for food boxes.

I love interning here because it helps me escape into nature in this busy, huge city. I get to experience nature every week in a community that loves getting together and love what the Earth has to offer us through vegetation.

Anyone is more than welcome to volunteer on any day of the week and it’s honestly so much fun. You don’t have to come on a First Saturday to volunteer, we appreciate all the help we can get!

My official position at Veggielution is a Social Media Intern, but I feel like I do so much more. I get to hang out with awesome kids every week who are so curious about the world works and I get to experience our vegetable growing from small, tiny seeds into mature plants offering us a bountiful harvest.



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