Lover’s Lane & Geographer


Lover’s Lane – More Information

Lover’s Lane, what a beauty.  I have been here once before and it was seriously cool to say the least. Lover’s Lane was constructed by an artist, Andy Goldsworthy. It is located in the Presidio, which is heavily known for its military grounds and social history. But in the middle of the structured style of the houses in the Presidio, lays this charming art instillation.

Lover’s Lane is a row of multiple logs that are attached to each other while winding back and forth creating a looped looking trail.

When I was there, there are TWO couples taking wedding photos, how beautiful. This sight is very romantic and I loved how many couples strolled by with their dogs are kids in strollers just taking a walk on this brisk morning.

On the way there, I listened to Geographer. I will be honest, I forget about Geographer a lot even though his music is phenomenal. I decided I wanted to look further into his music today by listening to Animal Shapes, a classic Indie album of our generation. My favorite song on the album is Kites, which provides a beautiful melody of his voice with electronic beats that doesn’t overpower the gracefulness of this song.




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