Patrick’s Road and Whitney


Whitney’s Light Upon the Lake Album Review

Oh, Patrick’s Road. What memories I made here in High School. This year I visited Napa a lot more than usual because I know around this time next year I will be very busy trying to find a full time job and wont have time for myself as much as I do now.

Patrick’s Road was where I had my first kiss, my first great summer days, and much more. From tire swings to watering holes, Partrick’s Road speaks youth to me.

I decided to take a walk by myself around the area just to see what has changed. Many people walk their dogs around here so I wasn’t completely alone.

I put in some earplugs, played Whitney, and descended on my walk. I passed a couple walking their golden retriever, a couple of teenagers obviously walking down from a smoke sesh.

Whitney was very pleasant to listen to on this walk. They’re funky, but not too loud. I discovered them recently a couple weeks before I saw them live at Outside Lands and they were incredible. I see Whitney going further in to the music industry because their music is very memorable and charming.



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