Nicholson Ranch Winery & How to Dress Well


How to Dress Well’s Care Album Review

Today, I left for Thanksgiving break in my hometown area, Napa. My mom moved to Santa Rosa while I was in college and it’s been really hard to see my friends in Napa ever since. I have to crash at my friend’s place whenever I come to visit because Napa is far from Santa Rosa, about 1 hour or so.

But today, that didn’t stop me. I came back to Napa to visit my friend, Max. I don’t talk to him much so coming to visit him was great. We used to do so many random friends when we were young. Our most favorite day trip we made was visiting this huge replica of a Lion behind Jack Nicholson’s winery, Nicholson Ranch Winery. Before we were legally allowed to drink , we used to trespass to see this lion while tourists would pretty much watch us from afar of us climbing all over this lion sculpture.

Today, we did just that. We set out for a small little journey just over the valley to pay a visit to our good friend the lion. We put on How to Dress Well’s newest album. I was lucky enough to see him play at Treasure Island Music Festival and he was awesome. Very eclectic sound and unique lights in the background. My favorite song his album is Can’t You Tell. He has a beautiful voice and I love artists who don’t try and warp the sound of their voice when it comes to electronic music. I think electronic music can be beautiful but I wish more artists would leave their voices raw in their songs.

Overall, it was a great day. We did not get in trouble for trespassing so it was a job well done! We caught up from our long hiatus of seeing each other, grabbed some lunch at a local diner close by and was able to have a drink inside the winery this time.



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