Dillon Beach & Hazel English


More on Hazel English

Today was a beautiful day. For Fall, the sun was absolutely glowing on the whole beach. My friend Kameryn and I decided to take a day away for ourselves and visit a beach we used to go to back in High School — Dillon Beach. It was remarkable today and wasn’t too cold for November. We walked around the shore, collected some sea shells and even saw a seal in the distance. I haven’t hung out with Kameryn in quite sometime so it was really beautiful see her and hang out with her again.

On the drive there, we listened to Hazel English. She is an up and coming musician who sounds mystic and quite, kind of like Polica. So of course, I love her. She will be performing at Noise Pop Festival in February and I am defintely going because her tickets are only $10! That’s beauty of discovering new artists is tickets are not very expensive and venues aren’t too big. My favorite song on her album is It’s Not Real. So foggy sounding and feathery across the notes she sings.



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