Sailing & Discovery


Discovery’s LP Album Review

My mom’s boyfriend owns a sailboat and occasionally we take it out. This fall season has been incredibly rare because usually by Fleet Week, we can’t sail the boat anymore. Why? Because the wind is simply too much. He is a very experienced sailor but it still can be challenging and harmful.

Sailing is crazy, to say the least. It takes a lot of skill to maintain and read the wind like a pro. He has taught me a lot but it is still intimidating.

Today, we were able to take sail one last time before the sailing season is over. For November, this is pretty impressive.

I have been on the boat with him about four other times and every time is a different journey and experience. Today, we were lucky enough to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge which is very hard to do during this time of the year because it gets incredibly windy and dangerous since the current is very strong.

Rick likes to bring his JamBox with him when we are on the boat. He let me pick the music and I put on Discovery.

I love Discovery. Their sounds are very unique and imaginary. Discovery is a side project with the keyboardist of Vampire Weekend and the vocalist of Ra Ra Riot, two of my absolute favorite bands. Both members have a very different sound that they’ve molded from their other bands. I could tell that this collaboration is truly experimental and to have fun with different sounds and beats that they wouldn’t normally create for their own bands.

Overall, this was a beautiful day filled with great company and great music as well. I think Discovery was a perfect sound for the day and it made the atmosphere a whole different vibe of casually dancing to the rhythms that Discovery offers to those who choose to listen.



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