Backpacking Ansel Adam Wilderness

As I write in my blog, I can’t help but look back on one of the most beautiful and hardest trips of my life, my first backpacking trip. I truly could not continue my blog without sharing this experience.

Going into my Junior year of college, I went on my first backpacking trip. I learned so much on this trip that has made me a different and better person today. I have learned the differences between “need” and “want,” the simplicities of nature, and how much your body can really surprise you when you’re in the most pain of your life.

This was a five days and four night trip. We were originally planned to hike Tuolumne Meadows, but we got caught with our dog from a park ranger on her day off. 😦

Alas, we planned a completely different trip outside Yosemite’s strict rules.We decided to go to Inyo National Forest and loop around Ansel Adams Wilderness. One of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I hope I can do it again one day.

The peak of our destination was seeing Thousand Island Lake which was was halfway through our 30 mile hike. This was seriously beautiful and I can’t even begin to describe the inspiration of everything around me.

I seriously recommend everyone to go on a backpacking trip at least once in their life. Even though I was in agonizing pain by hiking in Nike’s, didn’t pack enough clothes, packed the wrong sleeping bag for the brisk early summer nights, and got my backpacking backpack the day before my trip, all the lessons I learned changed me into a person that I am ultimately proud of. I was never afraid of dirt as a child and I guess you could say that I was not your typical girl. This trip solidified all that in just a matter of days. I was not meant to be like other girls who dream of make up or boys, but of a life of creativity and forever wonder and addiction to inspiration.



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