Treasure Island Music Festival 2016


Well, it happened. Treasure Island Music Festival’s last festival on the island! I grew up with this festival, with each year being a stepping stone into my young adult life. I’d reflect back on myself every year around this time and think how am I doing? Am I where I want to be in my life? Normally I am.

This year was a bit different, to say the least. There was an outrageous storm that passed through the city this weekend and it wasn’t pretty. We danced in the pouring rain, stomped in hundreds of puddles and I definitely got sick by the end of the weekend. But, it was beautiful.

A lot of people complained, like a lot. But that didn’t stop me. I’ve come to understand how hard it is to put on a music festival in the pouring rain. A lot of artists got canceled which wasn’t pretty but alas, Tycho stole the whole weekend for me.

Tycho played a beautiful set and because my group and I were waiting for Jame Blake to come on next, it was just beautiful. I’d look around me at all the happy people and the clouds that gave us a short break from the rain just for this set. There was even a moment when in his last song, the sun came out and started to rain as well. Tycho was glowing. I will never forget this moment and all the moments that are converged into my memory of all things Treasure Island Music Festival. Next year it will be a different venue set up and I will most definitely be there no matter what! Love you Noise Pop!

Treasure Island Music Festival 2016 Lineup



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