Armstrong Redwood State Natural Reserve & Alt-J


Visiting Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

Alt-J: An Awesome Wave Pitchfork Review

Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve is located in Santa Rosa, Ca. I was visiting my mom for the weekend where she took me on a hike around the reserve. It has been quite sometime since I stood beneath these giants. I was shocked by their height. To promise my mom, I wouldn’t play any music on the hike. So instead of on the actual hike, on our drive there we listened to Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave.


This album has always confused me. It is so tight, so well-rehearsed, and leaves absolutely no beat unnoticed in each song. It confused me because how can this band be so incredible? Every note, instrument used and any vocals plays a story.

Tessellate, Breezeblocks, Dissolve Me, Fitzpleasure, and Ms are just some of favorites on their album. This band is particularly different than the rest of the albums I have been sharing on my blog because it is much more eclectic and more upbeat than the rest. I also felt as if folk, bluegrass and light rock always meshed the best with nature but honestly, it’s up to you and what you like.

On the drive, my mom loved this album. She has always been interested in my music taste since she was a huge fan of Classic Rock growing up. I owe a lot of my music taste to my mom as well. Growing up we always listened to Paul McCartney, Grateful Dead, Tracy Chapman and so many more on cassette.

On our walk, we talked all about music. The great thing about today was because of this blog and my journey of listening to music in nature, I learned more about my mom. Music has always been strongly rooted in our family but we never actually talked about it. I told her about how recently I’ve been trying to find new music and it’s been difficult. She responded by saying it means that I am growing up, that when new music doesn’t hit you the same way that your collection of music that you love does, it means the new music coming in is pass my time. She told me it’s important to always find new music but to never try and keep up because music is always changing. Which is true. Lately, there has been so much electronic music being made that it has steered me away from that hype and into the music that I truly love.




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