Coldplay & Pfeiffer Beach

pfeiffer-beachVisiting Pfeiffer Beach

Coldplay: Viva la Vida Pitchfork Review

There’s a wild wind blowing,
Down the corner of my street
Every night there the headlights are glowing.
-Life in Technicolor ii

The Morning is for Sleeping…
-Cemeteries of London

The next day we set out to visit Pfeiffer Beach, both of our first time’s visiting. Pfeiffer Beach is known for its mysterious purple sand, which we later discovered is from the erosion of the rocks. People believed that it was from the wonders of the ocean, but it’s actually from these rocks in the far away landscape of the shore. This purple sand then washes away in the ocean, leaving trails of sediment behind for people to gaze and awe over. As we set out for this adventure, we turn on Viva La Vida by Coldplay.


Viva La Vida is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. It is the perfect background music for adventure and discovery. In this album in particular than Coldplay’s others has a lot more drums–which they wanted to show. In many of their music videos that came out of this album, it shows the use of many different kinds of drums and rhythms.

This album also has an iconic theme to it- The French Revolution. Throughout the entire duration of the album and their tour, they dressed in costumes that resemble French military uniforms.

This album has a sense of adventure that tells a story. Similar to The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, this album goes in a perfect sequence and transition from one song to the next. Because of this, you can listen to this album from front to back with ease. This album takes you to the bottom of your thought-process with quite, peaceful rythms, to big, loud drums that makes you want GET UP and DANCE in a middle of any field.

Perfect example of an upbeat, imaginative song is Lost! The third track of the album. Lost! is the opposite to Lost? which is on the extension of Viva la Vida. 

This album is the peak to Coldplay’s career as one of the most iconic bands on earth. This album spoke so much to the beauty of music and romance. Personally, I have yet to find an album as beautiful as Viva La Vida. As I’m the hunt of the perfect song, I constantly turn to this album for inspiration.

This trip to Pfeiffer Beach went perfectly with Viva La Vida, both albums because just like the waves at this beach, it comes and goes with upbeat ballads to soft, peaceful rhythms.

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