Big Sur & Fleet Foxes

come-down-from-the-mountain-you-have-been-gone-too-long-1Visiting Big Sur

Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes Pitchfork Review

Big Sur has its foggy mysteries. It’s beautiful green mountains and cascading landscape makes for this spot to be one of the most incredible attractions in California. Tourists wait hours for the perfect photo of Bixby Bridge, wait hours to eat at some of the most quintessential restaurants in the area, and book a year in advance to stay at Big Sur Campgrounds. Luckily for my boyfriend and I, we booked through Air BnB to get a campsite at Big Sur during the week since we didn’t have class. We are beyond grateful to be living in San Jose, about 3 hours away from this natural majesty.

We popped open this classic band, Fleet Foxes, their self titled album. This album brought back so many memories from when I was younger. But today, I wanted to look at this album in a new perspective. In a way that I focus on what this album is truly saying to me while stepping out into nature.


This album starts with some classic harmonious folk to welcome you into the rest of the album. Then it begins with an upbeat, introspective guitar tune. At this point, I feel a sense of adventure coming on as if a sunrise is about to unveil a new day. Once the acoustic guitar sets off onto a tangent of sound, an electric opens up to a new tune.

Before the first 10 minutes of the album, you can tell you could have some great adventures with this album on a hike! White Winter Hymnal, the third track of the album, gives you a sense of imagination of a winter wonderland. It tells a story of romance in snow capped hills where one’s face turns red as strawberries when together.

Ragged Wood, the title of my blog post, is my favorite song on the album. It’s harmonies and upbeat drum technique makes you think you’re on the top of a mountain without any sense of communication with others. The vocals on this entire album also depicts a ghostly sound, as if they were recording the vocals from a far away distance.

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song,  was the first song I listened to on our first hike in Big Sur. Big Sur was exceptionally foggy this week when we visited which went perfectly with this song. It was romantic, beautiful, sound, and peaceful as we trek through some of the mountains on this rainy week we experienced.

Big Sur was quite, with barely any visitors on this Wednesday. Visiting in the middle of the week gives you a different sense of the mountains. With barely any people around, you get what the mountains are saying to you. Come to me, come to me. It’s quite beautiful.


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