Muir Beach & Lord Huron


Visiting Muir Beach

Lord Huron: Lonesome Dreams Pitchfork Review

As I set out for my trip, I browsed around some of my go-to albums for windy roads and breezy endeavors. What rang immediately was Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams.


I discovered this band at a Music Festival on Treasure Island in San Francisco. This was my first time at this festival and as Lord Huron was the first band performing, I fell in love almost instantly. People danced to the acoustic sounds of their guitars and their raw voices that shined for their love for the woods.

In my blog, I would like to address my very own opinion and review on the albums I combine with some of my small nature adventures. But, if you would like to read a full review by Pitchfork, click here.

As I set off to Marin County in the early morning on a Saturday, it was peaceful. Never get stuck in traffic before these trips out was my no. 1 rule for myself. I believe this would affect my emotions in a more negative and stressful way. I wanted the music to take me to a place where once I reached my destination, I could continue my desire for inspiration, existentialism and stepping out of reality as physically and mentally as possible.

I was able to listen to half of the album on my drive. It provoked a sense of adventure, an inner flame inside me waiting for the rocky sand and grey seas that Northern California is incredible known for.

Personally, I love cloudy beaches. I’ve had some of my most fond memories on cold beached. With family, friends, and loved ones. You bundle up, take in the scenery, and go out for min adventures looking for starfish, crabs and various small tide pools. Northern California beaches aren’t for the bronze-loving, body flaunting heart. Nonetheless, there is not shame in that, I have no judgement for Southern California or tropical beaches, but Northern California beaches are for the sake of adventures where land meets sea and I believe Lord Huron understood that.

“Lonesome Dreams’ instant knock of familiarity will prove comforting for some, but it gives these tracks something of a plug-and-play feel. Many songs are dramatically assembled, and all of them move, but when they move in pretty much the same ways as another, spryer band, it’s that much harder to get caught up in their attendant drama.”

-Pitchfork, October 9, 2012

I couldn’t agree more with this quote. This album all together gives you a sense of familiarity to the realm of nature and adventure. As I sat on the shore sleeping bag zipped flat open underneath, I felt a sense of stillness as the chords of this album were still moving me mentally.

Coincidentally being the first song on the album, Ends of the Earth is my favorite track. Second, She Lit a Fire. I sat on the shore and relistened to both and closed my eyes. Instantly in a meditative state. In those moments, I felt alone. There were families, dogs, loved ones on the shore as well, but I was able to take the time to feel alone and really feel the music.

Music should ultimately do that to you. My biggest advice I could ever give about music it that it should move you. If it doesn’t, you are not letting music play it’s magic.


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