Fresno Dome & The Lumineers


Visiting Fresno Dome

The Lumineers: The Lumineers Wikipedia Review

Fresno Dome brings back so many memories. Working at Calvin Crest was around 6-7 weeks long. In that time, you make friendships that last a lifetime. On the last Saturday of the summer, we spend the night together on top of Fresno Dome. So the real question is, how could I have taken this big Yosemite National Park trip and not take a visit to Fresno Dome?

Yes, I know I was being pretty nostalgic in my last post, I get it, I’m used to that, but here I go again going back on memory lane. How can I not take a visit to Fresno Dome and not play The Lumineers?


This album brings me back to the first year I worked at Calvin Crest. Three days after High School Graduation, I packed my bags and flee to Calvin Crest for my first time as a summer employee. The whole way there with my best friend, we listened to this album. Their self-titled album is the typical folk album. The Lumineers are from Colorado and you can tell with their how they play.

Fresno Dome is one of my favorite places in the world. I remember every curve and every branch associated with Fresno Dome as highlights and checkpoints to the very top. I must’ve done this hike ten times in my lifetime. Fresno Dome is located about 15 miles away from Oakhurst on a dirt ridden path filled with potholes. I have broken the axis of my car badly one year trying to make it up to the trail before sunset. I have learned my lesson and now we make sure to take a car with four-wheel drive, suspensions or really well-equipped shocks.

This album works perfectly as we hiked up the mountain. It resembled a storyline. From Flowers In Your Hair to Darlene, we trekked up the mountain to reach a beautiful sunset. We brought sleeping bags with us as well just in case we wanted to spend the night. But since it was leading int the fall season, it was already very cold.

I went with three of my friends and watched the sunset together. I am so thankful to have such amazing friends who love nature and great music. That is so hard to find these days back in the Bay Area where people are too into themselves and their bubble of work and jobs and tech companies. It’s nice to step out into nature once in a while and explore what the world has to offer, even as close as Oakhurst.




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