Vernal Falls & Sylvan Esso

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Visiting Vernal Falls

Sylvan Esso: Sylvan Esso Pitchfork Review

Vernal Falls doesn’t even compare to the difficulty of hiking Upper Yosemite Falls, so bring it on! I have done thing hike many times when I was a child and know that it one of the best hikes you can do in the Valley. The hike to Vernal Falls is called The Misty Trail, a very easy trail for any age. I have done this hike with friends, family and coworkers when I used to work a summer camp close by in Oakhurst, Ca.

I was in the mood this morning for something a little more dance. So I chose one of my go to dance artists, Sylvan Esso, who will also be at Treasure Island Music Festival next month. This woman is wild and natural. Her voice is so raw and makes you feel calm to let go yourself.


Sylvan Esso, her self-titled album, is not something to ignore. Some of my favorites on the album are Hey Mami and Coffee. This woman is so unique in every way. Her rhythms, beats, and overall daintiness when she skips around the song when she sings.

Something I have noticed recently in the music industry is the lack of strong, independent women artists. She exemplifies to much inspiration for women in the music industry because she has such uniqueness and depth to her music. If it were up to me I would like more women in the music industry, in any style. There has also been a stigma that men are more powerful in the music industry and sometimes women feel threatened by that.

This album shows that women today have such an opportunity to make art and make something of themselves. Sylvan Esso has been touring constantly and has been coming out with more features in other bands more than ever. I saw her at Coachella two years  ago in 2015 and she was phenomenal. She had such a huge supporting crowd and I can see a lot more potential in her in next couple of years.




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