Upper Yosemite Falls & Glass Animals

Glass Animals.jpg

Visiting Upper Yosemite Falls

Glass Animals: How To Be A Human Being Consequence of Sound Review

This was a pretty brutal hike. On the contrary from what I have said earlier that sometimes soft music on hard hikes is a great way to get to the top, for this hike, that wasn’t the case. Around Yosemite, this hike is considered “the stairmaster” of all hikes in Yosemite. All the way to the top, it’s a measly 2 1/2, 3 miles to the top, but it’s a constant up & up battle. There are switchbacks all the way to the top. I needed something a little more peppy to speed up my step since this hike took the whole day and by the time we got to the top, we were chasing the sun.

Glass Animals’ newest album, How To Be a Human Being was perfect for this occasion.


Glass Animals are funky, brilliant and easy going. You could turn either of their albums on a set on a road trip or a hike for hours. First on their album is Life Itself, which is their single for this album that did not disappoint. This album is captivating, smooth and just overall fun. This album really helped while I was marching up the mountain. With breathtaking views of the Valley as I kept steadily climbing up, granite mountains tops were waving at my laziness. It took me the entire day to hike up this monster while I saw children running by. I felt taunted, teased, but I was happy at my own pace.

When it comes to hiking I like to keep a steady pace. I never really stop abruptly because I know that’ll only slow me down. I keep my pace slow all the way to the destination because I know that if I stop I’ll take a longer break than I need which discourages me to get to the top.

This has been an incredible album so far and I’m so excited to see them at Treasure Island Music Festival next month. They will be at the top of the schedule and will be excited to see them. Live 105 absolutely loves them and always plays them on the radio. Live 105 for the most part has been incredible supportive with Glass Animals and have raved great things about How To Be a Human Being.




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