Half Moon Bay


Visiting Half Moon Bay

The Black Keys: Brothers Pitchfork Review

This was a solo trip I took to Half Moon Bay on a Friday afternoon after my kayaking class. I was in the area kayaking and decided to a spontaneous trip to Half Moon Bay. For a spontaneous trip, you need some classically spontaneous music — The Black Keys. I decided on The Black Key’s first studio album, and arguably the best.


Brothers came out in 2010 as their first Studio Album. The title of the album came from both members of the band, who are in fact brothers.

As I drove to Half Moon Bay, I put my sunglasses on and went along with the ride. Their classic alternative rock sound made me feel like I was on a reel of film driving and weaving through different parts of Half Moon Bay. At one point of the drive, you go through a forest of eucalyptus trees and as Everlasting Light came on, I felt classic.

Tighten Up was their first single on the album and came out when I was younger. This album was a gateway for me to other bands and albums. Currently, I’ve been in a rut when it comes to finding new music and that feeling always has been creeping back into my odl throwbacks like Brothers.

The Black Keys has always had a rock and blues feeling to it, which is mostly identified by the song, Ten Cent Pistol, one of my favorite songs on the album. As I walked along the beach to this song I felt a sense of inspiration– that being in nature doesn’t necessarily mean you need to listen to folk, indie, or country for the matter. Music and nature is what you make it out to be, and if bumping a classic alternative rock sounding album is your thing, then go for it. No one is making you listen to nature induced music when you are amongst the woods or beaches. As spontaneous as this trip  was for me, so is the oddly perfect combination of Brothers on the seashore of Half Moon Bay.




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