Santa Cruz & Borns


Visiting Panther Beach in Santa Cruz

Borns: Dopamine Glide Review

Santa Cruz is for fun times, friends, romance, relaxing and of course, the beach. However, I went by myself, and with such a long drive, I had to put something on that was a bit more upbeat. So I chose Borns’, Dopamine.


This is an interesting album because of he, himself, is an interesting person. I met him at a concert not too long planned by the radio station I work for, Live 105. He was mysterious, yet familiar–which is what I would describe this album as. When you first start to listen, it sounds so familiar, but some of the notes he hits when he sings is what makes him different. He has a huge range in his tone. He goes from falcetto to a low note in just 5 seconds.

I first heard about Borns from Live 105 when they started to play Lightning in a Bottle on a regular basis. I slowly started to get hooked on his chill sounding vibe. Some of my favorites on the album are 10,000 Emerald Pools, Past Lives, American Money, and The Emotion, not in any particular order.

Borns is still an up-and-coming artist and I see some success in his future if he plays his cards right. This album can sound mysterious, indie, but needs to be careful because it could easily signed off as typical Alternative Rock, which can make an artist seem to plateau because I’ve noticed with some artists that once they’re categorized as Alternative Rock they’re not as willing to experiment with their sound.

Overall, this album kept me going on my Santa Cruz trip. I popped one earplug in when I was walking along the beach and it gave such an 80’s vibe when Holy Ghost came on and with the fluorescent sunset starting to set, it was a great album to keep you optimistic and just simply, happy.




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