Discovering Euphony in Nature.

IMG_4741.jpgAs I set out my journey for the upcoming semester, I am creating a blog. Throughout my semester, I will be hiking throughout the Bay Area. While getting in touch with nature, I am in search for the perfect song that goes with it. My love for music has shaped me to who I am today because music is memorable, nostalgic and thought-provoking. Music and nature has helped me make some of the hardest decisions, created the most incredible memories, and the most stimulating and inspiring ideas of my life.

Recently, I started to understand the importance of physical exercise in the outdoors. Fresh air brushing against your face, your heart pounds as you climb the mountain in front of you, and the smell of Eucalyptus and Pine that mix cohesively as you breathe in–this is what you discover in the Bay Area. Our ecosystem here in the Bay Area is unique, different, and extravagant.

Throughout the semester, I will be hiking once a week in a new area I have never been to while listening to albums that can provoke my thought process and promote peace. With that, I will post any new music I discover that promote tranquility in nature. So why not blog about it?

My blog will also be about music in the bay area in general. Since the days of Coachella where artists come visit and perform in between weekend 1 and 2, Outside Lands, and Hardly Strictly, the Bay Area has been a huge epicenter for all things music. Since working at Live 105, I have been to more concerts than I can remember. Throughout my blog journey, I will be documenting these concerts in greater depth and how they may apply to nature.

A little more about me:

I am a fifth year student at San Jose State University, seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations with an academic emphasis in Professional and Technical Writing. Most recently, I completed a study abroad program in Guatemala where I learned about the cultural differences and struggles of those who live in a third world country.  My fluent Spanish speaking skills, developed in an elementary school Spanish immersion program, were a significant ability to help me to understand the nuances of this unique and beautiful place.

Additionally, I have direct work experience in the field of Public Relations from my current position with Live105, a Bay Area Radio Station. Working in the Promotions Department part-time for the past two years has taught me responsibility and business acumen.

On my off time, I enjoy riding my bike, hiking throughout the Bay Area and taking in as much as I can while I’m still young and full of energy!



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